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Conservation Area

The Estate now forms part of the enlarged Station Lane Conservation Area.  Other than recognising the importance of Tor Bryan as an outstanding example of contemporary, domestic architectural design and planning in a parkland setting – a factor which conceivably may have a favourable impact on property values – the status does impose additional planning controls over building works. These again ought in theory to assist in conserving the Estate’s unique character.

Within Conservation Areas the normal ‘permitted development’ rights – that is, the ability to extend, alter or otherwise improve a property without specific planning approval – are circumscribed to some degree. At the present time the following works are not permitted development within Conservation Areas and do require express consent:

  • Any alterations beyond any wall fronting a highway and which is the main elevation or a side elevation of the original house.

  • Any cladding of the exterior.

  • Any extensions beyond a side elevation of the original house.

  • Any extensions of more than one storey extending beyond the rear wall of the original house.

  • Any alterations or additions to the roof profile

  • The construction of raised platforms, verandas etc

  • The installation, alteration or replacement of microwave antennae, chimneys, flues or soil and vent pipes on walls or roofs which front a highway.

  • Satellite dishes and micro-generation equipment.

  • Incidental buildings within gardens located between the side walls of the house and its boundaries.

  • Demolition of buildings.

There are additional floor area controls on building extensions and on incidental buildings and any works to trees – irrespective of whether or not they are specifically protected by a Tree Preservation Order – require the Council to be given 6 weeks notice.

As a Conservation Area the Council will apply stricter standards of design and appropriateness of character to any proposals.

Generally speaking the Company will apply similar standards to its approval requirements but it needs to be appreciated that the two areas of control are entirely independent and approval under one does not confer nor imply approval under the other.

Edit Date: Dec 20

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